IT field

Hello everyone, I have an odd situation but I have a degree in IT but currently do noting with computers. I'm thinking of going back and apply to some companies and see what happens. I know if I get anything it will be help desk for a few years.

Anyway what type of things should I brush up on beside basic networking stuff, should I go out and get some certs to help my resume? If so which certs do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance.

IT is specialized, so I'd brush up on the field that you want to enter. Programming (specialize in a language), IT helpdesk needs to know PC and M$ stuff, system admin needs to know servers, AD, exchange, SQL, etc.... Network eng needs cisco, TCP/IP, routing.

Kinda like an online RPG. You need to pick a class and level up!

If you can find some place to volunteer at, it will give you some hands on experiece for your resume.

I also wouldn't say that you are pidgeon holed into starting with a helpdesk job. Identify the area you would like to specialize in, and look for an entry level position for that specialization.