It finally occured to me: armbar

What I have been doing wrong all these years from the gaurd. I was under the impression that you have to squeeze your legs tight, and get your hips high, which I was and still am, but I kept my legs straight over my opponents head and not bent to distrupt his posture. I mean I was told to do it and I thought I was, but yesterday rolling I noticed my mistake and corrected it and got the armbar. I went on to roll again and boom the opportunity came, bent the head, squeezed the legs tight and got it.

It is nice that after all the years training you can get to a point that you can see the mistake and capitalize on it, and implement corrective action.

Why hasn't your Coach or Training Partners mentioned something over the Years??

I don't know, that is a good question. I'm gonna mention this to them.

^^^^ probably cause they didnt wanna get armbarred lol. i had this problem for a while too, the pressure down on the head is very important when hitting the armbar if they are on their knees.

Actually, that's pretty impressive if u figured it out on your own. Most people would need help I would imagine.

It felt good to see the beauty of learning as japetto put it.

dang...i never thought about it...u may have just solved my armbar problem too!

My armbar and triangle-combos got effective after watching this one guy grapple, he was doing the same techniques and combos as I was, only his was great and mine sucked. I remember thinking damn his legs look like two extra arms, I understood about activly breaking posture and activly tie the opponent up with the legs and the techniques started working, it's sweet.

the position or angle of the foot closest to the head will make the most difference in keeping them down and making the stack almost impossible. I have allways been taught to keep the head pinched in the legs like a nut in a nut cracker but I would still get stacked sometimes. Then I realized that moving the foot about 3 inches towards the top of the head keeps even realy big strong guys for stacking.

"^^^^ probably cause they didnt wanna get armbarred lol."

LOL! Yea that definitely explains why. Shitty training Partners because the better your Partners are the better YOU are.

Nonetheless, doesn't explain why the Coach neglected to mention anything.

Garth Taylor clued me on this fact when I couldn't finish an armbar for the life of me years ago. Made a huge difference.