It has all been a lie :-( (pic)

Push up bras Phone Post 3.0

That lawmaker that wanted to introduce that "rape by fraud" bill where it would be illegal to lie about being rich in order to sleep with someone. This too would be illegal right? Phone Post

You take her home and her tits are like one of those Russian dolls that just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Tits are for guys I guess like a penis is for a girl you don't really know what ur getting I suppose. I've been with girls I thought had pretty good sized racks and then it turned out to be like a partly padded bra. Also had chicks I didn't realize there boobs were that big. They wear like a peace thing with just underwire and all actual boob in cup. I guess taking them to the beach would help but even then can't be sure... Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody - 

TryhardNobody -
Ummm. Name Phone Post 3.0

The cake is a lie Phone Post 3.0

Wood Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody - Took me a minute but its Yoko Matsugane

Voted up Phone Post 3.0



Fuck Phone Post 3.0

Damn she is the real Illusionist Phone Post 3.0

is yoko in porn yet?

This thread took a turn for the better. Phone Post 3.0

Wonderbras... so called because when they take them off you wonder where their tits have gone ! Phone Post 3.0

Imagine the mind fuck that would do to you while hooking up. Still would though cuz sure has a pussay! Phone Post 3.0

I kinda like small boobs too, no big deal for me. Phone Post 3.0

pidgey - I kinda like small boobs too, no big deal for me. Phone Post 3.0
Boo this man Phone Post 3.0

If the fellatio is real, who gives a shit.

Boobs are nice but ass is more important IMO Phone Post 3.0