It is the best time for WWE to sell

First off, I forsee a major talent retention issue coming up. Let’s say a diva gets some TV time and boosts her instagram followers to 2 million. She interacts with them, talks to them, grows her fan base. What is to stop her from quitting and doing a twitch stream or only fans? Why go on the road 300 days a year and get paid like shit and get beat up every night when you can sit in your home office and flick your bean or bend over and have you effiminate boyfriend take pictures?

WWE is competing against a wide array of content creation options now.

They are also facing an uphill battle with a smart fan base. To ad to that, you have the gay gay gay trans trans trans black black black bullshit they shove down our throats. That’s a huge turnoff to their 40+ fan base.

If all that weren’t enough, you have cancel culture which can’t be easy for what amounts to a bunch of incestual carnies that are on the road all year.

And let’s not forget all the entertainment options competing with them: Illegal streams, video games, netflix, amazon, and the list goes on.

They’re not gonna be on the road that much going forward, probably wrestling ~125 times a year at most. All the money coming in means more money for talent. And where the women are concerned, there’s always been a lot of turnover, and there is a deep enough pool of good looking, talented women who want in that I think the company can handle the turnover. Mind you very few women are featured beyond enhancement roles week to week on Raw and SmackDown. They could replace every top Raw/SD woman with current NXT talents, restock NXT (to the extent they’d need to) with Performance Center, Indy/Joshi, and NXT UK talent and not miss a step.

Lets hope alexa bliss does the home office deal OP mentioned

All that said, it may well be the best time to cash out.

On the other hand, if WWE were my family business, I might be more inclined to keep it going as said family business. Even if it’s worth half as much in 20 years, a quarter as much in 40 years, it could bear plenty of fruit for a good living for generations, with the family being their own bosses and living largely if not fully independent from the need to compromise with zealous maniacs. Billions of dollars can last generations as well, but I’d prefer to bequeath a fishery rather than lifetimes of fish, for various reasons.

But of course they’re not me, they’ve chosen to further entwined themselves with Comcast/NBC Universal, whereas I’d take the company private and orient the company to be as independent as possible.