It Is What It Is - Josh Koscheck article

 Hey everyone....I just started writing for The Fight Network and posted this article about Josh Koscheck detailing his radio interview with Fight Network Radio this past Wednesday. It's a lengthy read, but worth it.

My profile/bio's also up:

Pls. comment it if you get the chance, so they'll keep me around =P


GREAT ARTICLE... Pm me please, I tried writing you and I cant cuz Im a mud now. haha

kos is such in great shape, i wonder what that dudes eating habits are like. mma articles need to start covering diets etc...


Thanks guys! =) I'll ask the FNR guys to try to ask some of the MMA guys about those diets...


hey thanks CKr1ssc. :) BTW your beautiful. You look like one of those hott azz island girls. respectfully

 Thanks, Bz! =) I'll be posting articles on real soon so check those out. And......

My story got picked up by Fox Sports...woohoo! Sorry, I get excited about things like that, haha.


 ttt and congrats! There is an InsideFighting photo used for your story at Fox, lol :)

Thanks Elias! Haha, I was doing a little jig in my room when I saw the Fox article, acting a fool, =P

 Pretty cool, isn't it? Good article and congratulations again Krissie. Keep up the good work :)

Krissie, it wont let me add you cuz Im a mudname and I cant respond back to your email... LOL

Lol, seriously?!? Aw, least we're myspace friends, hahaha =P

Nice read. well done ckr1ssc

Thanks Josh for letting us know "It is what it is". If Josh didn't let us know "It is what it is", then nobody would know what the fuck it is!!

Dumbest saying EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I don't think it's "dumb." Seems pretty fitting and revealing of how he deals with the topic discussed