It just doesn’t stop

Thread on here earlier with several OGers saying this is the best series ever. This shit is not going to stop. I don’t even know what canonically means and I don’t want to. Somebody please stop this shit.

So Loki is low key a faggot? I don’t understand what is happening.


lol Disney made Loki into a fag. I’m so glad I got rid of my disney+ membership awhile ago.


The God of Anal mischief…


What is happening to the US? Life is fucking crazy. Nobody has a clue what the fuck is going on. We’re really all just trapped in a cage. I’m tripping but life is a trip. It doesn’t make any sense.

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Half a fag


Just like the wise words of Andrew Dice Clay - There is no such thing as BI, either you suck dick or you don’t.


Is there a market for this shit? Do they even need relationships? I’ve never went into a marvel movie thinking “god I really hope Loki blows Thor.” I don’t watch the shit because it’s for children. The boys is dope because there’s murder and blood and guts everywhere. They can’t make Marvel movies savage like The Boys. Homosexual/straight sex can be crammed down our throat but they draw the line at violence? All of these Disney shows are obviously marketed towards children. If I want to watch Loki fuck an alien dude I’ll go on pornhub like normal people.


He shouldn’t just be bisexual he should be a total sex freak like Norse mythology says.
The world serpent and giant wolf are his kids and he transformed into a female horse at one stage and gets fucked and gives birth to a horse.


You guys are really into this shit eh? People are going to start fucking horses now? Who comes up with this shit? People actually read/support this shit? They can write about people fucking horses, but if you say someone born with a penis is a male they lose their shit. Horse fucking is ok. If you tell a biological male he is not a female they treat you like your insane. Humans are fucked up. Like what the fuck clicks in your brain where you’re like “let’s have a human turn into a horse and fuck horses.” Is that part of the story even necessary? Imagine what he’s turn little kids into. This shit is fucked.

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I clicked to post this. That’s the one where the frost giant shows up and builds a wall for the gods.

Neil Gaiman’s book really is a pretty awesome retelling.

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night, they even made Freddie Mercury look like half a fag…


The Norwegian show “Ragnarok” on Netflix has had their Loki turn out to be bisexual as well. Maybe there’s something to all this. That show actually talks about mythology and stuff.

What thread would that be?

Only thread I’ve seen about it everyone is agreement that it’s pretty unspectacular.

I’m sure there’s plenty of characters in media that people can rightfully get upset about being turned gay. Loki is probably one of the dumber ones to throw a fit over.

The director is still a dumb bitch for making it her number one goal to shove it in the series. Frankly she just sucks at her job in general though.

Odin turns into a bull to fuck a virgin human female with bull cock.

I dont have a problem with them toning it down to just oh I experimented in college.

Some of yall need to uh, really read the mythos before you complain.

The ancient gods were F R E A K S

Wow, disney sinks to new lows.

I’m not calling bullshit but I’ve never heard of that one. Can you share a link?

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Obviously the one you were in :joy::joy::joy:

He might be thinking of Zeus. That freaky deity liked to turn into animals and fuck women.

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