it never ceases to amaze me

In the summer time i hang out at this tiny hippy joint that serves herbal tea and beer directly out of a carton (obviously illegally). Anyways they have these solo acts buy local artists, usually just a guy or girl with a guitar. No cover charge. And what constantly amazes me is the quality of the songwriting, with great melodies and lyrics. And these are not professional musicians but mostly people with day jobs. Now I dont want to over-romanticize things to the point where every person with a couple of songs, a guitar, and a low paying job is a great songwriter but there definately talented people out there who will never hear in your life unless by accident.

"there is no such thing as true originality in music, just a lack of reference on the part of the listener. that has become my mantra."

take that shit to the philosophyground. ;)

take that shit to the philosophyground. ;)


I know what you mean. Every once in a while I'll go to an open mike night and there is usually at least one or two people who write these great songs just for fun. If you want to see the other side of the coin go to an open stage jam night, prefereably at a blues place!