It only took me 20 years.

I must be going for the all time slowest record. 

Started in 93.  

One year break here, 12 year break there. Got back. Bad injury here, laziness there. Got back & got a blue after 15 years. Long work hours here, money problems there, and here and there. Got back.  and then the ever so popular 'been meaning to get back' periods of time.


But still trying to make it to class whenever I can. 

Got a good year & half of pretty consistant training in, and then this happen the other day.

Alot of thanks go to you guys. Reading all your posts & vids on here have always helped me to get back on the matts after lonnnng lonnnnnnnng breaks.  Slowly but surely.

Hopefully  I'll get a Black one by 2023.  :)




Wow - congratulations!

I've only trained for half as long as you, but it's given me enough perspective to be able to say that the people I admire most are those who have persevered and trained through thick and thin.

Kudos to you my friend.

haha sweet we had a guy who stayed at white belt for 8 years, he's purple now and kicking ass. never give up!

Congrats, man!!

I took a 10 year break so I know how hard it is to get back to it. Congratulations!


arguably the toughest belt to get IMO. Great job PTM!

congrats.  Who gave you the belt?



Congrats dude, great story! Phone Post 3.0

Faixa roxa, Parabens Phone Post 3.0


BigEyedFish - arguably the toughest belt to get IMO. Great job PTM!

I know it was for me. I developed the most at purple as well. Congrats PTM, you got an awesome story brother!

Another 5 and you can get a stripe Phone Post 3.0

Congrats! Let's get together and roll sometime soon!



In my best Drago voice "we must break you"

Congrats! Phone Post

Congrats !