It only took me 20 years.

Congrats. I'm in a similar boat. Blue for life ;) Phone Post

Congrats! A nice story! 2 more to go!

Great work!


Great story! Stick with it. Congrats

congrats! a purple belt is a white belt that didn't give up!

Congratulations!! Inspiring story

Wutang - Congrats! Let's get together and roll sometime soon!

Definitely bro.  Me  & KT need to pass by Brentwood one of these fridays.  :)

Ozzimandias - 

congrats.  Who gave you the belt?


Jean Jacques Machado gave me the certificate. My Professor, Gary Padilla tied the belt.  I train out of the Inosanto Academy, we  are a Jean Jacques affilliate.     It was cool because I started with the Machado Brothers when they were all under one roof back in the day.


Pretty big promotion ceremony with about a hundred or so people there.  



That's me over there in the white gi.


From: xpat 6      
Wow - congratulations!
I've only trained for half as long as you, but it's given me enough perspective to be able to say that the people I admire most are those who have persevered and trained through thick and thin.
Kudos to you my friend.
Thanks bro!  You can do it!
From: NicolasExitBJJ     
haha sweet we had a guy who stayed at white belt for 8 years, he's purple now and kicking ass. never give up!
Nice!  Thats so great to hear!
From: LCSULLA 3      
Congrats, man!!
Thank you!
From: Easytarget 48      
Good to see you are still keen after such a long break. Well done.
Thanks.  The battle for consistency continues! :)
From: shark tank 20      
I took a 10 year break so I know how hard it is to get back to it. Congratulations!
Much Thanks!!!
Yeah man, it was tough as hell and VERY daunting for me to get back on the mats.  I'm glad you and I did!  Respects!
From: Muffinho 15      
porrraaahhh!!  :)
From: BigEyedFish 124      
arguably the toughest belt to get IMO. Great job PTM!
Thanks bro!  Yeah man, its' pretty surreal. Too many times I thought it would never happen.
From: paw 622      
Thank you! Thank you!
From: Dublin Dave 1      
Congrats dude, great story! 
Thanks bro, I've read many similar story's on here and it definitely helped keep me inspired.  Thought I should keep it going and hopefully someone else gets motiviated the way I did.
Gotta keep it goin.  :)
From: flowwiththego     
Faixa roxa, Parabens 
Muito Obrigado!!!
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From: LetsTalkItOut 12      
I know it was for me. I developed the most at purple as well. Congrats PTM, you got an awesome story brother!
Yeah man it was quite a challenge buti t's crazy when everything you've drilled and practiced and practiced starts flowing in & out of each other.  A whole new appreciation from the art renewed the drive to keep getting better.   HOWEVER....  The better I got the tougher the higher belts would go on me, that part I wasn't expecting lol.  Oh man.....the ass kickings by the browns and blacks were crazy, but all for the best.
"We gotta treat you like a player now."
Was both a great compliment and a scary realization.
From: checkuroil 
Another 5 and you can get a stripe 
Thanks bro.  I could only hope I could be that lucky.  :)
From: green_machine 47      
From: Col Angus 35      
Thanks guys!!!
From: cumprido1 
In my best Drago voice "we must break you"
Thanks bro!  Hope all is great with you!
From: WpgWarrior 14      
Year 13 of a similar journey you give me hope brother 
You can do it bro!!!!!
Hope to see you making a similar thread like this in the future.  :)
From: IrishAggression     
Congrats !
Much Thanks!!!
From: reagan123 
Congrats. I'm in a similar boat. Blue for life ;) 
hope you get back soon and make this same thread in the near future.  :)
From: BenBJJ 
Congrats! A nice story! 2 more to go!
Thanks Ben!!!
From: Synado 30      
Dude I am following your path! Congratulations!
Thanks bro!!!
Your road is your own but I hope it ends up being filled with many belts.  :)


From: Machine250 79      
Great work!
Thank you very much! :)
From: shen 
Thanks Grandmaster Shen!  Coming from you that means more than anything I've ever experienced my entire life ever!  :D
From: On the Mat 
Great story! Stick with it. Congrats
Thanks so much!
From: knocka 1      
congrats! a purple belt is a white belt that didn't give up!
Oh man, I gave up alot of times.  LOL
but I got back to it more times than I gave up I guess.  ;)
From: hackett      
Congratulations!! Inspiring story
Thanks hackett!!!

much respect.

Congrats! i'm in the same boat just got my blue in 2012 started in 2000. turtle speed and turtle power!

Haha. Congratulations. I have some perspective on your journey. Phone Post 3.0

I was a blue for about 11 years. Got my purple over 2 years ago. I thought it was cool when I got my purple, cuz one of the instructors at the school told me It showed to never give up. Started training in 96. Feel like I should be a black belt and be much better than I am. I'm just gonna keep training and keep coming back for more!


You the man! Phone Post

Congrats! Phone Post 3.0

Congratulations man!!!!