IT Recruiters

Hi guys,

Does anyone know of any reputable recruiters. I am from Charlotte and would be willing to travel to certain areas. I don't want to just cold call recruiters like last time. Was not a great experience.

Thanks, Pete

My experience with recruiters has not been great.

It has led me to this conclusion. If you are a high up tech specialist... they can be usefull. If you are just another MCSE/IT Generalist (like me) they aint so damn usefull. IMHO

ZeStephen had a good experience with them.

They can get you a lot of interviews, which can be good practice. Interviews can also be good learning experiences - find out what's out there and what you can add to your skills.

Just don't count on recruiters to do everything for you. I read a stat that said they only place 1/8 of their job hunters. THey are there to serve clients, not you.

IN New england area, I do not know how national these companies are.

im on welfare

Their job is to sell you to their customer, and to sell the position to you. A combination that breeds deception and lies. Be very careful.

asdf is correct.

ford is looking to expand their NOC, Field Engineer dept and remote WAN support within the next month.

anyone interested?

dearborn michigan.

they like to see CCNA, NP and IE.


Check out rates and don't ask too low or too high. Some recruiters are better than others, but they are all pretty much the same.