It’s Good To See Noob Saibot Finally Respected

So it looks like there is no lockdown in the Netherrealm, which is where the UFC presumably went to scout Saibot. Whilst beginning his career only in the shadow of his contemporaries, he’s hit a new level and is now 9-1 as a pro ninja. Blue please:

One can only assume that the UFC has his height and reach listed at 0’0” due to the mysterious nature of his physical being. We can also assume that his fight statistics are omitted due to the very deadly and secretive tactics he uses in battle, understandably not wanting to give them away. 

This fight will be tough for Abdul, some would even say fatal. Noob has a dangerous shadow kick that could deliver a krushing blow. He’s also hard to hit, it’s like there’s a circle of smoke around him that makes him appear as an illusion. I fully expect Noob to FINISH HIM! Then the two could possibly forge a friendship afterwards. As long as Kahn doesn’t know...

Edit: He is being filed under the alias “Mounir Lazzez”. 

Blue please:

Some highlights of his recent finishes: