It’s on, Cali sets date for Recall election: Sept 14th. Predictions?

California sets date for recall election targeting Gov. Gavin Newsom

California on Thursday scheduled a Sept. 14 recall election that could drive Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, the result of a political uprising largely driven by angst over state coronavirus orders that shuttered schools and businesses and upended life for millions of Californians.

The election in the nation’s most populous state will be a marquee contest with national implications, watched closely as a barometer of the public mood heading toward the 2022 elections, when a closely divided Congress again will be in play.

The date was set by Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, a Democrat, after election officials certified that enough valid petition signatures had been turned in to qualify the election for the ballot.

The announcement will set off a furious, 10-week burst of campaigning through the California summer, a time when voters typically are ignoring politics to enjoy vacationing, backyard barbecuing and travel.

Many voters have yet to pay attention to the emerging election, while polls have shown Newsom would beat back the effort to remove him. Republicans haven’t won a statewide race in heavily Democratic California since 2006.

In a recall election, voters would be asked two questions: First, should Newsom be removed, yes or no? The second question would be a list of replacement candidates to choose from, if a majority of voters cast ballots to remove Newsom.


Recall this fucking asshole at all costs. Cheat if we have to. They do. Not one person has done more damage to Ca in modern times than this assclown!!!


They’re saying it’s due to covid - that’s only part of it. A lot of it is gun laws and high fucking taxes.


I predict the recall will fail by just enough votes needed.


California voters are more brainwashed than southern baptists that are homeschooled. There’s unbelievable pressure to conform in California with only a few pockets resisting. Those pockets are under intense pressure provided by the financial means of the rest of the country that buys a product California leftists provide. California conservatives are some of the bravest conservatives in the country


We have no say in a lot of the bills and laws that are passed. They’ll say something was voted in by a landslide and I can’t recall ever seeing it to begin with. I ask around and no one else heard of it to vote on too. Corrupt as fuck here.


Prediction: they disqualify over 15 percent of the pro-recall vote as potentially fraudulent. He wins by double digits, and uses this popular validation to seek the Presidency.


They’re already trying to change the recall voting rules.


California may you RIP

Never give up brothers


Of course they are. They are cheating power grabbing assholes.

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All theater. Won’t change a thing. California has been doomed for a LONG time now. It will make zero difference in the state, since it’s pretty much 100% Democrat-controlled up and down the state and most California voters are fucking brain-dead cattle. There’s just not enough normies left in Cali to make a difference, they are outnumbered by mentally and physically lazy retards.


Sadly this, it’s already been established that they can do whatever they want if they just cry about it enough on cable news. White supremacist boogaloo proud boy terrorists will kill all the Asians and Blacks if he’s removed.


This. Unless actual votes are 70/30 of against him, he will win. Cali is where the cheating was pioneered and my guess is they are producing 15-25% of the vote total with bullshit

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Newsom will pay off everyone long before the recall.

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Think about it. Prop 8 was voted on by California voters, yet they overturned it because they didn’t like that normie Californians didn’t want sodomite degeneracy. They’ve already proven voting in California doesn’t matter because the opposing faggots can do whatever the fuck they want to do. It’s all theater.


it’ll get the CCP-DNC election treatment

CA will have a COVID breakout a week prior to the recall.

Won’t happen no matter how many of us want him gone. The game is fully rigged out here.


It’s rigged everywhere. It’s just that some places are more obvious.