It´s time to get in shape! Seriously!

The getting in shape part has always tripped me up. I lost about 80 pounds and haven't really had trouble keeping it off but I'm still soft as shit even at my supposedly ideal weight. I can drop pounds pretty easily just through healthier living, but actually looking fit is a different matter entirely.

garythekid - 
Jiu Jitsu doesn't work - @garythekid problems yet! But it´s in a real low I guess it´s no big deal.
Fine experience so far...feeling good! I was doing MMA training last week (first time with meds)...and I do not feel like it´s having any effect on it.

The doc told me it´s good to do exercises with the meds...just no power lifting and stuff. Like really heavy weights and pushing to the limit. Extreme stuff like killer bench pressing...
Hmmm. That's good to hear that you're feeling fine with em and the exercising. But also kinda disappointing that docs recommend against lifting heavy. I like getting my swole on :(

I need to talk to my guy I guess. I hate doctors and always avoid going... Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, right problems yet.

I also avoid going to the doc if I am not sick to death. If I am not feeling bad, why should I go and hear that I have some issues.

14 days later...
Sorry for not showing up in here.
I was pretty sick the last week and not in the mood to sit on my computer.

But things are working...
Yesterday I was in the gym rolling and stepped on the scale before.
Man, I dropped down to 89,5kg (should be about 197 pounds).

My goal is 84 kg (185 pounds).

I have had a few really hard days...craving for more food or better "the wrong food".
Surprisingly it´s pretty easy to eat cleaner, once you know what to eat and what not.

Just sometimes...I would LOVE to eat the whole day...only unhealthy stuff...and lots of it!!! Haha!

But...everything´s fine...

My average calories-in are 1517kcal per day the last 4 weeks. Most of them ingested for dinner.
I prefer eating less over the day and eat with my family in the evening. 55% of all calories are taken at dinner, only 21% for breakfast.

I have bought a selection of protein shakes in different flavors from chocolate to vanilla. Actually they taste pretty good and I can do them with 300ml of milk what will be 256kcal. Or just plain with water (111kcal).

I love how the training in the gym is getting better and better. Even if it´s not such a huge weight loss...I feel better!!! In the past it was me that was heavy breathing. Now the cardio is getting up and I push others to their limits.

Result = More fun...more time at the gym.


Leigh - Well done, keep at it :) I do think those calories are too low though's a little bit too low. But I feel bad when in the evening there are about 200 or 300 left and I make myself another snack.

It doesn't feel like know?

But I need to try to get as close as possible... Phone Post 3.0

Long time no hear guys!

Pretty busy weeks and so much to do...

But here´s an update. Everything was working great, but then...stress caught my ass and I dropped into some kind of hole...wasn´t depressed or something, but really in a bad mood and ate too much from the wrong plates.

Here´s how my diet went:

I have started at 97kg (about 213lbs?) then dropped constantly down to 86kg (189lbs) in about 8 weeks...

Everything´s belly gets smaller (as you can see on the picture below)...and then boom! The shit hits the fan and I was in such a bad mood and ate way too much 5 days in a row...sweets, carbs...all the crap.

Today I see the 87,8 kg (193lbs) on the scale.

I was on such a good way...and I took notice that not caring about the input, my body responds in a bad way. Sure...sounds logical. But I was eating healthy, my body was feeling good! My cardio was good...I really noticed, that GOOD food is GOOD to your body. Once I have started eating BAD things, my body showed me the next day, that it doesn´t like what I ate.´s time to get back on track!!!

The only issue I have noticed, due to a one sided diet...loads of protein, and less carbs...I am feeling floppy some days...and I do not wanna get down with my girl. And I was a guy who could jerk off to any female object on the street! Hahaha! But now, I am bored and I do not wanna f*ck.

But it´s getting better...I´ve started to supplement some zinc and magnesium and start feeling better.

My average calories-in was at 1548 per day. Most of them (59%) were taken at dinner.

16% breakfast, 15% lunch and 10% between meals.

31% some kind of pasta, 25% yoghurt and stuff, 44% different stuff.

I am eating a lot of protein and really really little carbs.

If you´re interested, I can post some pictures of my dinner meals.

But here´s the present picture.

Time to build up some muscles...

And for everyone waited so long for an update, this ones for you!