It’s Wednesday

you know what that means.....


What is Paul Black doing in the impact zone!?

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I bet he can use Paul Wight, that is his real name. No mention of Big Show though

They have got to tie his name to the "go big show" somehow.  

I could see the crowd chanting "go big show" at some point.

Big Man Paul Wight? Lol

BigWilliam - I bet he can use Paul Wight, that is his real name. No mention of Big Show though

I thought I read where wwe in their contracts declare that the wwe owns their likeness, ring name, and real name.  Not sure how that could really stand up in court though.  

I was at least expecting a "surprise " appearance to mark his signing.   Not a graphic lol

Quick squash of Nemeth. How it should always be.

The backstage assaults and kidnappings at AEW are really getting out of control.

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Jericho looking lean!

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Headed for Dark Order vs Hardy's Boys 4 v 4 here .

Good God, when will they ever push Britt as the face of the AEW women's division? She has something a lot of these women don't have, charisma.

Don’t like that. Would have prefered Britt won, then beat Thunder Rosa, then beat Hikaru for the title.

the last 18 months feels like Hikaru, Rhio, and Nyla on a never ending gerbil wheel at the top.


Is Nyla transitioning back? That is one big bitch.

Not gonna look now...but Archer has strongly entertained me for three straight weeks, doing great work, though this week that was largely thanks to a Fenix performance reminiscent of Ospreay vs. Archer in the G1. That said, Archer didn't have to take that Spanish Fly off the top, which was very ballsy and generous to Fenix, what a spot! Great match and what unbelievable skill and bravery on display throughout from Fenix, maybe too much of the latter for the circumstance.

Looks like the tournament is headed towards a Thunder Rosa vs. Yuka Sakazaki final, which should be a women's match of the year contender. Yuka has been my favorite AEW women's wrestler for a while and it's been fun to see her again and better than ever. Rosa vs. Riho and Yuka's remaining match before that should be very good as well.

Britt shouldve won, I don't like that Nyla did and I agree she should get a run with the title now.

Archer has become one of my favourites.

I'm not sold on tihs exploding deathmatch yet though...


I just put on Twitter how archer n butcher are both starting to impress me and are looking good. I’m glad other see the same with archer 

I’m just going to keep this thread as the ongoing AEW Dynamite thread. 

what are the matches for tonight?