It’s Wednesday

Still amazes me that they wasted that tag tournament by putting over ivelisse and diamante. I mean, Anna Jay and Tay Conti totally should have won. Or anybody besides ivelisse for that matter.

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yeah that decision is still a head scratcher

she sounds like a real pain

That Agogo ending is is absurd. I hope they don’t try getting him over like that, regardless of legitness in boxing.

I’m hoping it ends with Tyson giving him a real bodyshot.


What happened?

I forget the guys name, but he made his debut and he’s a Olympic bronze medalist boxer and his finisher is a punch to the stomach.

Lol oh Agogo’s finisher is a punch to the stomach? Lol yea that’s a little corny.

yeah he’s not big or jacked enough to get that over

should’ve at least followed up with a few actual wrestling moves

I do like AEW going back to the WWF days with Tyson choosing the inner circle like he did DX.

It would have been better if they taught the jobber how to sell a liver shot…

Other thoughts:

The opener was great.
Statlander was really good.
Jade is going to be a giant star.
It will be interesting to see how Moxley/Kingston feud with the Elite Club (do they bring someone in?)

Tyson threw a great ‘working’ punch. That shit looked brutal but if you slow it down he caught Cash in the shoulder.

Pretty good show… but the HFO/Dark Order/Sting/Archer melee during the Darby match wasn’t needed and just mucked things up.


kudos to whoever got her and penelope in shape. have that person work with janela and hobbs next

She was getting in better shape prior to the ACL… so it makes sense she amped it up over rehab.

Also like her new look better… the eye makeup works better than the weird bit of facepaint she used before.