It’s Wednesday

lmao @ blowing the surprise with camera men pointed at the entrance

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She is hardly recognizable anymore.

Hopefully this was Khan’s surprise and not Captain Insano

Why sign Paige she can’t even wrestle

So it’s the House of female WWE rejects!


I think she’s said she could be WWE just wont clear her.

Similar injury/comeback as Edge

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That’s actually 'cause the makeup was toned way down from her WWE days, at least apparently. More normal instead of goth face, not that I doubt she’s had work done there too, but nothing seemingly radical.

She looked like a clown the last time i saw her in WWE. Thought maybe the makeup was to cover up all the work she’s had done but she looks better so far in AEW.

Helluva match

So Mox will do the job for The Devil which I isn’t was first!

She undid whatever shit she did to her eyes.
Looks normalish again.


Oh look aew hired another wwe reject!

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Now we have the female version of Sammy with the tongue shit lol

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Paige looks totally uninspired and like shes just looking for a payday.

Or she just wants to wrestle again.

Danielson been losing a lot lately.

You guys knows Britt is a real Dr ?

Probably, he was mad that he’s not on his six week vacation right now I read in a interview because of that dust up backstage

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how things change with time

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