It’s Wednesday

Fun show with the title changes. Not sure I agree with making Jericho the ROH champ. It certainly elevates the belt though. It would be cool if Jericho drops his belt to Danielson so that BCC holds both titles for a bit. Can MJF cash in the belt at any time or is the match at Full Gear in early December?

Bringing in Saraya was a good move. Still not sure what I’m missing with Wheeler Yuta. He just brings out the blah.


I was really hoping they wouldn’t give Moxley the belt again. I find him less interesting than anyone on the roster. I find him less interesting than cool hand Angelo Parker.


Angelo Parker and Daddy Magic need to go straight to Dark/Elevation.

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Yuta1 had no answer for what MJF brought. Few do.

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This looks like where The Good Doctor got her nose busted open!


Yeah…. Ruby Soho is having surgery today on her nose thanks to Tay Conti.

AEW has about a 1:6 broken nose to female matches ratio.

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Fortunately we follow the ladies for their asses, not their noses. If Toni Storm breaks her left ass cheek, humanity suffers.

AEW Dynamite ratings down for Grand Slam

Proof cm punk is needed

Sounds like Paige isn’t even cleared yet to wrestle. Hopefully Tony has a plan in mind because having your top heel wrestlers jump out of the ring in fear of someone who may not ever wrestle again isn’t a great move.

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They should have britt baker give paige a british smile. Paige puts her over and then becomes a manager permanently

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