It’s Wednesday

How’s the Rhodes show?

It’s ok, a lot like other behind the scenes AEW stuff. Not kayfabing any feuds there yet (QT a close friend, etc.), aside from Jade and Red Velvet worked shoot (imo) heat over some stiffness. It’s like Total Bellas but they’re all at work a lot. I’d guess a lot of the “events” are scripted like the typical “reality show.” They come off pretty likeable in the two-thirds I saw of the first two episodes, and I’m pretty harsh, lol.

They present Cody’s patriotic promo like some really huge deal, it’s funny, but I can’t speak on it too much because I fast-forwarded rather than feel insulted at being BS’d by the stupid facial expressions of Brandi and Tony at the Go positions as if they didn’t know the salient points of Cody’s promo beforehand and aren’t mugging for cameras.

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I can handle total Bella’s so maybe the wife and I will give this a shot lol


Line up tonight boys?

Dynamite already aired this morning live from Saudi Arabia

you missed it

I believe it’s on Saturday the next two weeks

Yup. No AEW tonight.

Danielson VS Suzuki on YouTube on Friday though.


Nice! Haven’t heard about this.

You lyin muddafucka

Read it was amazing

Read the whole show tonight was solid


And jesus Dante Martin still wearing a fucking BLM armband? Fucking idiot lmao

Great young wrestler, dumb as a brick

Punk goated on commentary

Malachai goated in the ring

I love how when they don’t hit a move clean, they immediately mention it on commentary

Elite make up for last week’s powerbomb

I could see Austin doing wrestling honestly

OOOOO Lio and Dante Martin taggin now

“thats 40 grand!”

“no its only 20 grand its only 1 shoe” - punk

im dead