It wont be long...

I love how shogun can get worlds better since babalu taught him a
lesson, but Chuck cant possibly be better than he was then. Blatant pole
swinging is the worst.

Rampage said he won't fight Tito


Well I didn't know that. I think that would be a pretty good match up.

I look forward to this fight and to be honest I have no clue who will win. Chuck has improved a lot and avenged every loss so far so his chances are great. If the old Rampage shows up it will be an awesome, violent spectacle!

In his interview with Rogan on inside the ufc Rampage said he wanted a couple of warm up fights before he gets a shot at Chuck. Rampage also said he was going to train really hard to do good and take care of his 6 kids I think he said. He said on the night he was at the ufc fight he had a daughter born congrats. .