ITCNY - thoughts on these guys?

This is the website to a new Judo, Sambo, Muay Thai, and MMA school opening up near me. Has anyone heard of these guys? Is it worth checking out?

"The International Training Center started in 2008 under the leadership of founders Judo Champions Greg Gutman, Jimmy Vennitti, and Igor Zinoviev."

I think their BJJ program is run by Carmine Zocchi.

Thanks for any information.

it's a brand new school about a week old. the facility is near my house. it looks great and has that new-mat smell. carmine was running a jiu-jitsu class, and they said that igor runs the muay thai class (i think). there was some other russian dude there too when i visited.


Thanks Sioux. What was the vibe of the place? Relaxed? Intense?

i stopped in there on a saturday morning and they were doing an MMA camp thing - no technique was taught, they just drilled different stuff for three hours. not too intense at that point but not too relaxed either. the vibe was cool.

i got the impression that the place is being set up to be a true MMA school. they took great care in setting up the floor underneath the mats (in one room there are pics of them fixing the place up), and they mentioned that igor is going to train his IFL team there. that little kickboxer dude peter kalejevic was there training, and igor's supposedly brought with him a ton of hardcore judo guys. eric joza did a write-up on - there's more info there.

Thanks, so I guess it sounds pretty legit.

Yeah, I saw Eric's write-up. I emailed them for a class schedule. Maybe I will swing by there on the way home sometime and check it out. Wonder if it is going to be more for professional fighters, or if the casual training guy can get some good instruction there.