It's 100% fair what Dana did.

How in the world could he explain himself after stripping Jens, if he didn't do the same to B.J. So, in this way you have to respect his consistency.

it has nothing to do with consistency. It's the standard business practice. The venues groom the fighters, as their products. The cannot allow fighters to just up and "try out" other venues while holding titles in their own. It's a door they just can't open, as it would cause to much of a "free agency" atmosphere. That would hurt the fighters more in the long run as there would be no "loyalty" factor built up.

Pride has lured a few fighters away, many at the beginning were nearing the end of their careers and needed to make the financial move, no one can blame them. Pride or K-1 for that matter may be able to pay more, but they do not have legitimacy in terms of building a professional fighting record. The UFC is looking at what's best for their business. And creating a legitimate sport such as boxing. Whereas Pride likes the flavor of the moment, freak shows and what interest the Japanese fans, not the rest of the world.

apparently even Penn didn't have a problem with the "giving up the title" thing... or being stripped of the belt... or whatever...

what i don't get is why ban him from future UFC's...
that's kind of admitting that you won't be having one of the best fighters in your organization, but still try and market the UFC as the best there is?