Its a Celebration B*tches!!


I finally made weight. After being overweight and losing 20% of my small purse in my last 2 fights its good to be underweight and not be a ghoul. Im just disappionted my abs arent as ripped up as Dubeès!! Oh well my love handles are good and will add extra leverage on my clinch game. Besides my beautiful girlfriend loves them.

Big Love and Thanks to all my friends and training partners. Rob Wynne and Corey Macdonald of the Gladiators crew. Your always so honest with me and reassure that my lack of confidence can often be my own biggest enemy. Ill call you both soon, fights start at 7pm sharp dont be late.

Ben Meirles, Wade Shanley, Sean Ragnitz and everyone from Ronins MMA in Ottawa who sweated with me and listened to my whiny panty waist crying and excuses and frustration. Without you guys I couldnt fight, plain and simple, you have always supported me. Wade Shanley, your the greatest grey haired grappling coach Ive ever had, truly a wise old salty dog. ragnitz thanks for helping my wrestling, you know ièll be there to help you.

Thanks also to Team Tompkins for making me welcome and letting me hang out with you guys all week. Truly an honour.

Anyone Ive forgot I apologize, but I gotta eat some more food

TTYL, Greg Milk Money Compton

milk money

well be at le cage de sports on cote vertu for 10 if u wanna join

cya soon


Kick ass Greg!

Kick Ass Greg!

Good luck Greg !

Do it Compton....Do it!

Go get em Greg!

Thanks for all the kind words

Also gotta thank Freddie and Alex from Sherdog for doing a video interview with me and posting it on This is as close to famous as Ill probably ever be.

It has me cracking up hearing myself describe the frustration in my nickname and what I really wish I was called. Oh well its grown on me like ringworm on Canarios feet.

cya all later, please wish me luck, I gotta try to get to sleep. Im over 165 pounds already so a couple more sandiwches and I?ll make 170 tomorrow night.

TTYL, Greg Milk Money Compton

Luck is for the unprepared. Go Greg!

str8 outta comtpon a crazymotherfu**er named...............greg....

congrats bro and fabio


the wood
team tompkins


room 215 come wake us in the morning bro

the wood

All the best Greg, be careful in there, I hear old
fella's can be crafty!

Kick some ass Greg!!

Kick ass Greg!!

good luck mr compton

Kick ass Greg! I will see you tonight!


Ronin MMA

Good Luck Greg!


Straaaaaaaaight outa COMPTON beeeyotches!


Go get em milk money!