Its A Shame

The UFC and Fox Sports don't have the type of relationship that could have taken 177 off ppv an on to one of the Fox channels (even FS2, lol).

Even when this card had TJ and DJ, it wasn't going to be a hit. Now they're selling Castillo/Ferguson as a Co Main.

The fighters on this card could benefit from a wider audience, even 800k watching on FS2 will be 3x what this ppv pulls in (maybe more). Plus, they could run the ads for TUF all night since that is right around the corner. Phone Post 3.0

i agree, but i think the UFC is trying to make a new ppv star

Sure would be nice now. Phone Post 3.0

MMA title fights have a 50/50 chance of happening. This doesn't happen in Boxing.

You can't plan your life around these fights, I feel sorry for people who buy tickets and flights for these cards.