It's barbaric!!!!

Judo in a dojo without air conditioning!

Cries into gi


Not in Alaska it isn't. :)

crawls out from under rock

There's judo in Alaska??!?!

Juneau there was this guy I knew, maybe you Nome. Alaska when I see ya.


I don't know what's worse... No air conditioning judo practice in the summer or training in the winter with no heat and hard as hell tatami not to mention the little windows along the floor of the dojo that the senseis would demand be open.

But...... I think the feeling I like least in judo besides losing would be having to put on a soaking wet  sweaty judo gi that you have already taken off for a period of time. The clammyness! It's giving me a chill thinking about it.  C'mon I am sure everyone here has had to do it before.

Putting on the gross sweaty gi is no fun. did that when training 3x a day in brazil

If the wet gi comes off.....I'm calling it a day.
I can't stand that feeling.

If I had to put it on. I'd go to my bag and put on the extra tee shirt I always carried just for cases like that.

I had to use 2 gi's when training twice a day...

LOL! The only thing worse than putting on a sweaty gi is putting on someone else's sweaty gi.

I like to do this to newbies when they come in. At the end of practice, they ask about ordering a gi and I have them try someone elses on to check for size. Always fun to watch their faces as they put it on:)

That's friggin funny Punk D!!

punk dobbs, that is a horrible, fucked up thing to do. i cant wait to do it
to the next noob who wants a gi.

PD is a dirty guy. you dont get it. he spends his days rolling in mud and horse poop.