Its Carson's Corner time

I am now sitting down to get my weekly installment of............


I cannot lie, I just find this show entertaining.



i enjoy his show, i think it's good. Much better than beatdown radio. I hate having to listen to "Mr personality" Josh Gross and that douche bag tj de santis

After crunching fights/info/odds/numbers  I usually dont want to think about fights on a sunday, but somehow Carsons' show gets by.

I just finished listening to it love it or hate it he seems to have the 411 on whats goin on,makes some good points + the guy is entertaining (sp).

Carsonshow = MMA's Geraldo Rivera/60 Minutes

 lol @ Carson's take on  'FGoat's operation working outa myspace'



impressive across the board



I would volunteer for Haitian Prison Sex before I listen to this show

Does the show have MP3 downloadable versions? If so where is the link. I want to check out the show but only listen to the stuff in the car after I burn it on a disk.

btw thats a hot fuckin gif

I just listened to that whole thing.


You owe me that 30 minutes of my life i'll never get back bro :-)

Maybe I missed the answer. How come you gave me Bob Carlson's
record on the other thread and you gave GirlJock the same record here?

I checked Sherdog and they have a Bob Carlson as well.

Dale Carson, Danny Carson, George Carson, Jerimiah Carson, Ken
Carson, Mark Carson, Scott Carson and Shawn Carson are the only
'Carsons' listed on FCFighter Data base. Is Bob one of them maybe?

I cant wait to be a guest,


CC's the only drama I read on the UG.  And his radio segments summarize it all in a timely and entertaining fashion.

I only hope he continues to maintain his committment to excellence and not cave to the pressure of the likes of Tait Fletcher and countless other jealous chaps that participate in the neverending character assasinations of Carson and  the Corporation.

A marketing specialist whispered into my ear on Sunday morning think tank session....

If you build  a Carsons Corner Thread, they will come......

The Carson  show has got such momentum I can actually  hear it in the distance being rebroadcast in espanol.

Thats why the marketers get the big bux.

Why won't someone answer my questions?

I'd rather listen to beatdown, or whoop ass radio. Atleast I know who those people are and they aren't shy about letting new people know who they are. Joss Gross and TJ have yet to blatantly lie to my face over and over, they don't think I am stupid and try to stump pull shit passed me.

I don't care how informative Carson is, or how entertaining he is. Its information most of us already know (since its mostly ripped straight from the UG anyways), and its entertainment about on par with watching termites fuck, which I can see anytime.

SO what does this show offer that no other does? Exclusive info? None. Exclusive source of entertainment? Nope, I know a few compulsive liars so hes nothing special. Bias disrespect of fighters and their wives? Yep this show got that. Mumbling, um's, uhhh's, whiney gelatinous voice? Yep this show got that.

Maybe the contraversy is enough to make me listen more? Not a chance, the contraversy is Proof positive that filthybobjon is a stump pulling, camel clutch begging, psychopath. Unless we get a video feed of this turd hurting himself, whats so interesting about that?

Esta semana en Rincón de Carsons que estaremos hablando acerca de la obsesión de UGs con la Corporación y con por qué ellos pueden parar el ímpetu de la elección de personas.