It's Friday

Spoilers below……

Spoilers below

Storm and Soho beat Hayter and DMD

Baker got rolled up by Storm. Their portion of the match was sloppy as fuck. It didn’t kill my boner but their work was a distraction.

Hook tapped out JD Drake

Earlier in the show Tony Nese challenged Danhausen next week on Dynamite. After Hooks match Danhausen came out to ask Hook to be in his corner. Danhausen touched Hook and got pushed down for that. When he fell a bag of Doritos with a bow on them fell from his coat. It was Hooks birthday yet he left the chips in the ring. Hookhausen cannot be denied.

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Riho rolled up Sakazaki. Fun match.

In the Hart tournament’s next round Baker will face the mystery joker.

Lambert tore his hometown of Baltimore a new asshole.

Called them Baltimorons followed up by saying he would rather catch crabs from one of their downtown hookers than eat them from one of their bayside restaurants.

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Scorpio said he will bring honor back to the TNT championship by being a fighting champion.

“The days of this title getting passed around like Tay Conti backstage are over”

Kazerian vs Sky next week. Sky told Lambert that the TNT belt he is wearing needs to go back into the ATT trophy case where it was supposed to be all along.

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Lethal beat Takeshita. Dutt and Singh got some shots in afterwards before Best Friends made the save. Singh was beating them down then Orange Cassidy distracted the big man. Samoa Joe came down the ramp with a pipe to end the show.

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Danhausen & hook are amazing together

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Think he’s wrestling Britt?

Lethal and Takeshita worked really well together, hell of a match.

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I’m sure when the Britt match is scheduled the Candice LeRae & Ember Moon rumors will heat up same with the Ceasaro, Bray or Miro for the Samoa Joe match

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Rampage was decent but nothing big.

Sammy and Tay were ringside during the Sky/Kazerian match. After Sky won, Dan Lambert referred to Tay as “Whorehausen” which probably got the biggest pop on the show.

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It was good I liked the early start time or any simulcast of their shows