It's Friday

I love me some Acclaimed and the ASsBoys with the mic to the anus!

Thought we’d get something better about Vince

Well Caster had to sign an NDA!

I have a feeling he had a good line but either: 1. Tony wouldn’t let him use it; or 2. He didn’t want to burn a potential future invite to WWE.

Wasn’t it filmed Wednesday? The story didn’t get traction until Thursday.

It was filmed Wednesday but Caster def knew about it bc he had a line in his rap about an NDA

That rap battle was pretty bad

The Jamie Hayter show.

Here we go with the post production crowd noise again.

lol at bringing kross back

Madison rayne would still get it


1000% agree… Leila Grey too


That bump Keith Lee and Woods just took was ridiculous.

Juat saw a youtube clip. Holy shit at scarlett’s tits hanging out. GREAT OUTFIT

Have a hard time taking kross seriously. Little bit i saw of him on nxt i was unimpressed. I appreciate the guy seems to take the character work seriously but the real person comes off as a total goober during the interviews ive seen with him and it kills all his credibility with me.

kross is a charisma void

hhh has a year’s worth of goodwill layups in his back pocket and still chooses to resign this guy who couldn’t draw on the indies post-release

at best, hope for a sale because hunter and stephie must have no booking juice

really makes you wonder if they even have the stones to fire dunn


Kevin Dunn knows where all the NDA’s and bodies are buried

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Better question is, when isn’t Scarletts tits not hanging out

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The street fight on Rampage was awesome. Amazing TV debut for MMA-style young ROH vet Josh “The Goods” Woods, whomst’ve I’ve always liked. It was his best performance I’ve seen.

Woods was awesome

Jersey is a shithole.

Who is this idiot