its gay like this now???

Starnes shouted an expletive at one member of Quarry's team and called him a derogatory term for homosexuals.

you can't just call a guy a fuckin fag and its over? we have to pretend that guys (even gay guys *GASP*) don't talk like this?

fuck bein the battle ship-MM

Starnes should have pointed at Quarry's cornerman and shrieked "I'm the squishiest muffin in the whole wide world!!!" with rage all over his face, tears streaming down his cheeks.

I think its hilarious when grown men call eachother fahggots

 ^^its even funnier when a woman says it^^

 I am pretty sure calling a gay a faggot is like calling a white guy a cracker. They don't care. They never complain when I say it anyway.