Its going down tonight!!

Check my fight out tonight on sherdog dot com Phone Post

 awwww shit son, going down tonight in this beeyoch!

good luck!

Good luck mayne! Do work!! Phone Post

can't wait. best of luck.

 Good luck

Good luck! Phone Post

Good luck Useless! Phone Post


 Beat that ass son!


Good luck

Good luck Useless! DO WORK.

Go get it!!!

Good luck!!

cool...what time/timezone and promotion?

I saw Cody said he wants to jump to the UFC after he beats you.

Awww shit.

Good FW title fight, BW title fight, Jenkins debut, Brad McDonald, good card, sucks Creepy isnt on it but its still a good card.

Crossing my fingers, hope the stream works this time.

 Good luck!

mrgoodarmbar - cool...what time/timezone and promotion?

Tachi Palace Fighting

Dec 2nd, 8:30pm est streaming live on

-Isaac DeJesus (9-3) vs. Georgi Karakhanyan (16-3-1) FW title
-Cody Gibson (5-1) vs. Ulysses Gomez (8-2) BW title
-Josh Rave (18-8) vs. TBA
-Phil Collins (10-7) vs. Andrew Martinez (7-5)
-Brad McDonald (7-1) vs. Francisco Rivera (5-2)
-Savant Young (9-8) vs. Robert Washington (11-4)
-Bubba Jenkins (0-0) vs. Josh Williams (0-0)
-Anthony Figueroa (5-6-1) vs. Paul Ruiz (2-0)
-Jesse Bowen (7-6) vs. Sergio Quinones (7-8)
-Edgar Diaz (1-2) vs. Alex Perez (3-0)
-Freddie Aquitania (3-0) vs. Javy Ayala (2-0)

Bubba Jenkins mma debut, two title fights, Brad McDonald who is UFC BW Michael McDonalds brother.

Good card, def suggest you watch it.


thanks guys!