It's Going to Get UGLY

But you guys pretend it’s a Republican/GOP problem and not a DNC/Democrat problem. When you stop pretending the Democrats are innocent and can do no wrong, then we can talk.

^no, we have condemned the LEFT’s continued WAR MONGERING as example but the moment we post something critical of the RepubliCONS then the RwingNUT SNOWFLAKES get TRIGGERED and attack us as LIBERAL COMMIE SOCIALISTS or whatever HuskyFat AJ or TucKAREN is calling us these days

in fact I even made the occasional thread in support of some Trump Policy, at least until that TrumpStein Association came to light and well, I just couldn’t support that Devilry

I have yet to see any leftists “condemn” the DNC/Demoncats for their corruption or “war mongering.” It just doesn’t happen.

That’s communism not socialism

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