It's my time!!!

I am looking forward to coming back to lake havasu
arizona i am training hard and look to do ny best.I
just wanna thank chuck for this chance.I also wanna
thank cagedude for all of his support.Plus all my sponsors for sticking by me and team crutchmaster for
the beatdowns they will be giving me for the next couple of weeks.Plus momita your words of wisdom and
encouragement have meant alot to me.Most of all i thank
you ug for your ttt's and support god bless and much
blessings to all:)!!!



Best of luck CMaster!

Thanks guys!!!!



It's you who have given me inspiration to not give up when I face an impossible looking task!! Thank you & good luck my friend!!

Blessings back to you!


Good Luck CrutchMaster!


ttt, cool stuff!!

good luck to you crutchmaster. I'll be there front row rooting you on.

Hell yeah!!

How far away is Lake Havasu from Cali, near the Arizona border??

I think it's a 5 hour drive it be cool if momita could
come so i could take a pic with the coolest woman on the ug.

where you coming from miss momita. its about 4 hours or so from so cal. Great venue.

I'm in Imperial Valley, 50 miles from Yuma Az.

Chuck is the man and will treat you right so all should make his show for sure!!!


Thanks bro!!!


" what is a crutchmaster? "

It is a who, "someone" who has been able to over power his mind into knowing & believing that even though he might have a disability....... that he can still do what he loves......... training & competing!

His name is Duane!

momita has spoken:)!!!