It's National Airborne Day! Show us your wings!

Today is the day the country honors its citizens who jumped out of perfectly good planes in flight.

Show us which wings you earned and tell any good jump stories you have.



Senior parachutist badge and Czech Republic jump wings. the FSU countries have the coolest looking badges.

1-505 PIR 82nd

1st jump at Bragg was a night jump at Luzon drop zone. Jumping on a super windy night. Me like 80% of my pass all landed in the trees, spent about an hour trying to get myself and chute out of the tree.
My 1sgt broke his femur on that jump.

The Eighty Deuce is on the loose motherfuckers.

Jumpmaster here, also have Italian wings 

^they  pulled security for the Italian consulate in Iraq. I used to stop by about once a month because they had an oven installed. Good pizza and some wine to wash it down. Good dudes too.

We (1/508th, 82md) did a mass tac jump into Turkey after Reforger in 1982 which was the most fucked up jump I've ever been on. But the worst part was that we didn't get a Turkish jumpmaster on the flight with us, although they offered. That would have qualified us for Turkish jump wings, which are pretty bad-ass with crossed rifles and a grenade. Will always regret that.