Its not illegal, its frowned upon...

Like masturbating on an airplane.

Discuss Phone Post 3.0

Pissing yourself at a water park. Phone Post

Dressing like people from wal mart

Calling jason a fuckface Phone Post

Locking the car windows after cracking one off Phone Post 3.0

Fat guys in daisy dukes. Phone Post

I say 19 year olds when your over 30. Only frowned upon outside of closest friend circle.

Landing some of your moneyshot inside your wife despite her repeated asking to finish on er belly sice shes going to sleep after and doesnt want it leaking out all night Phone Post 3.0

Jorts Phone Post

Anal... at least with my wife.

Texting or talking on the cell phone while going through store checkout.

Tom Lawlor - Pissing yourself at a water park. Phone Post
I thought that was a requirement. Phone Post 3.0

Taking selfie of your ass hole and or nuts with wifes phone while shes in the bathroom and texting it to her friends Phone Post

Murdering someone because you are bored.

(ok, maybe not frowned upon, that's pretty harsh.  But it will definitely raise a few eyebrows).

Holding biblical story reenactments with dead squirrels as puppets outside of Starbucks. Phone Post

Sticking forks in your urethra. Phone Post

Did I just get banned?

Picking your nose and wiping it on your dog.

Naked church service.

Thanks a lot bin laden! Phone Post 3.0