It's not just the RepubliCONS...the DEMS are CONmen too!

Did not read but does supporting black women in STEM mean lobbying for 2+2=94 is correct shit now?

Politicians and Fed officials aren’t the only ones trading in stocks with conflicts of interest - judges do it too, and a new report shows 131 of them did so illegally---------

They all fuckin suck. Republicunts have turned into a man worshipping cult (who worship a narcissistic retard) and the Democunts have turned into sodomite extremists that are actively trying to erase human biology.

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You remind me of me learning how all this stuff really works back in 5th grade. It’s good watching you realize how far off you’ve been AND taking steps to change when facts become apparent. Keep learning bro. You be where the most of the rest of the OG is soon as your viewpoints mature and come inline with reality.

“…AND taking steps to change when facts become apparent”--------

LOL that’s called NOT being a WingNUT

adapt and evolve, all that. VERY SMART

and it’s how I’ve always been. I “flow with the go” I’m a SURVIVOR not some Urban Looting Capital Rioting Peasant…although I do advocate for Peasant Rights on these forums, pen is mightier than the sword and all that :laughing:

But what will the Raskal do when the peasant HORDES come to tear down the door in ye humble abode?

No GUNS and no weapons means the Raskal will be DRAGGED out on the street and returned to mother earth from whence you came.

We will pray for you and your SOUL lest you end up with the other DAMNED souls of the peasant HORDE.

I am WELL prepared for when the AntiVax Uneducated MAGAtards try to invade and spread their GERMS!


Fuck taxes and anyone who supports them. Idc about anyone’s “fair share” when you use it on bullshit time after time.

You come off the very opposite in your rambling posts. I always figured you were the same age as Soph without the wit and experience of real life.

Nancy Pelosi — under pressure — directs House to consider bigger penalties for lawmakers and aides who break a federal conflict-of-interest law

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thats preposterous, i dont beleive you op

An honest politician, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy walked into a bar. The bartender looks down at his drink and says “I guess I’ve had enough for one night”

Ok, the punchline needs work but the point is valid

you have got to send taht to Brendan Schaub for his next set.

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Is there a source to these numbers other than your Facebook moms page meme?
I’m sure there is some greasy money, but I can’t take it seriously due to the obvious lazy math on her earnings

That probably the only way to make it less funny

Prosecute every last motherfuckin one of em!

good question. Perhaps the collective intelligence of the OG can come up with the answer to your keen query?