Its not really "George" Patino?

I though Matt Hume did great last night, very insightful, and Renzo did a good job too. But this play-by-play guy is annoying. He knows some stuff but sounds like he's blasting his voice over a megaphone, often talking over his head as well (remember his innane screaming when Randleman KO'd Cro-Cop - way over the top and not as seemingly "heartfelt" as say Rogan's excitement while commentating). He feels more like a professional "corporate" type who took a crash course in MMA...

Anyhow, wasn't that THE Jorge Patino whom he kept calling "George"? I found that amusing. Or does Jorge actually go by "George" and I'm off the mark. One a side note, Patino is always fun to watch, win or lose. Another fighter who for one reason or another hasn't been in the UFC for ages...

TTT for George.

It is spelled Jorge but you pronounce the isn't an "H"...he is a great guy. I know him and he is a class act all the way.
He has been very busy with his club, his family and team and with his induction into Chute will see him a lot more I am sure.

They have too many letters in their alphabet. R is pronounced H, J is pronouned H and guess what..... H is pronounced H also.. Go figure.

I grew up around Mexicans here in Arizona and all my Mexican friends here pronounce Jorge as "Hor-Hey". Same as Jorge Rivera. Is Patino Portuguese and the pronunciation is different?

Dragonfire - Patino has always seemed cool. With the addition of the Chute Box training, he could be a force in the UFC. The additional muscle mass he has added looks like it may affect his cardio a bit though.

Some people prefer that Jorge is pronounced "George".

its 'hor-hey' in spanish but since they were speaking english its george... Portuguese is the same

I know this because im spanish and my name is george, my friends call me george and my family calles me 'hor-hey'

real rocket science!

BUFFGEO - I am aware this is a simple distinction but its not always clear which convention to follow!

For example, I teach at a University and my classes hold 70 people, usually 40 of which are foreign and have non-English names. About half of them use the English pronunciation and half the native pronunciation. I always favor the original native one because I figure that's what they are called by family and friends.

Plus just because they are speaking English doesn't mean they always change it. For example when speaking English they say "Hoyce" rather than "Royce" and "So-gee" rather than "Show-Gee". It just sounded wierd hearing Patino called "George" after know him as "Hor-hey" all these years :-)

That Announcer sucked worse than anyone ever. (accept that nimrod in UFC2 Perry). When he said that what Ryan was doing to Minowa was the same as what Newton was doing to Takase, I wanted to shoot him.
Ugh... and when Nakamura was dominating that german guy, and all the german guy had done was manage to get mounted, barely escape an armlock and then get mounted again... the announcer screamed "Die Krupse (or whatever his name was) is making a huge first impression here in Pride! We have a star in the making!" or something like that. Thenhe got armbarred. The german guy kinda sucked.

That announcer, he has NO idea of what he speaks.