It's Not The Years, Honey...It's the Mileage

You can see why Bill Clinton has been banging Markie for years.

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“Been there done that, got two seasons and four movies worth of Fedoras…”

-Some OGer

“Told Indy’s kid to go get his Shinebox, he ran over my guard shack!”

-Some other OGer

In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull, studio execs wanted Indy’s whip to be 100% computer generated. Harrison Ford called that ridiculous and insisted on wielding the whip himself.

Several weeks into production, Harrison Ford saw a blonde woman on the set and asked who she was. He was told it was Cate Blanchett, who he had never seen out of costume and did not recognize without her black wig.



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Mads Mikkelson has been cast in Indy 5…probably the bad guy I’m guessing

He’ll be playing

Master Pat Riarchy

that looks like Ben Askren’s dad fighting Indy lol