It's official: chung li Vs Baroni

Breaking news i just heard chung li has challenged Phil Baroni to a K-1 match at Battle at the Bellagio in Aug, in Vegas.

it's official, it's official that it is a rumor ......

Phil better watch out for the dreaded scissor take down.

Nice to see Cung Li stepping up to take on a B-level toughman competitor.


An official signed fight!

Source: "I heard"

Date of contract: possibly sometime after when Baroni
ever responds to this challenge (by a misspelled
fighter), that may or may not actually have been

Thanks a lot, "mmainsider"

it's crap, it's a rumor, I speak to Cung probably 2 to 3 times per week....

k-1 rules or mma? i assume k-1, should be all li. and its not official yet!

would be a very embarrassing night for Phil.


please make an attempt next time not to confuse Cung Le with Chung Li, who is indeed the girl from street fighter. But maybe they all look alike to you?

Not if it was K-1 MMA.

Cung Le is the San Shou guy.

Chun Li is the video game character.

Chong li is the main bad guy in Bloodsport.

Tiger Chung Lee is a former WWF wrester.

So is it going to be a MMA or regular K-1 fight? I don`t think Phil has a whole lot to worry about since he isn`t fighting that style Cung Li usually does. In a straight up K-1 fight with no takedowns I figure Phil has a pretty good chance to land some shots of his own . It will be interesting to see though.

Yeah, I don't think Chung Li got enough competition to be as famous as he is now. He fights alot of intermediate tomato can and he looks great against them. He needs to step up the competition and fight some good fighter or going to mma or something if he's a true fighter.

Watch Suloev vs. Baroni part one to see how good Phil does against a good wrestler with striking skills standing up.

A little off topic, but i watched the documentary on Cung Le last week "making of a champion "!

Awesome documentary and let me tell you that this guy trains hard @!! I would love to see him fight MMA especially since he has a wrestling background.

don't let the fact this is a RUMOR distract you from discussing the fight

Now that would be a fight worth talking about.

I am sure zuffa will let him fight k-1 just like bj.