It's on biotches!

2 more hours until the Lakers take game 1. I'll say it again, the Glove is gonna show Parker who his daddy is!


The Glove is doing wat?

LOL @ the was like watching the ROAD RUNNER vs. the COYOTE...BEEP BEEP!

lol @ beep beep ... too fucking true!

LOL @ HEMAN!!!!!!!

Payton does need to step up..I agree there!..But he'll do it ..Go LA! way...Payton is past his prime...there is no one in LA lineup that can stick Parker...they might give him space to shoot more...but the Spurs will prob. have him run thru screens to get layups.

Read the ESPN.Com article on Payton vs. Parker. Its right on.

great call mang, lol

I've always thought Kobe's defense was extremely overrated. I've seen him get blown by by alot of players. Ginobli does it at will. Most small guards do as well.

When you have an intimidating big man patrolling the paint, you can take alot more gambles. That's Kobe. Most of the players who get by him slow down because they have to deal with a strong interior, Kobe can recover and deter the shot from the back.

ahhhhhh shit!!! For the first time in the last year and a half I fuckin got called into work 20 minutes before the game started and didn't even get to see the shit!!! FUUUUUUUCCCCK! Fuckin spurs, fuck fuck fuck. I take it by the responses that L'il Pepe took it to the Lakers...

Did I mention FUCK!

Kobe can be a stopper at times...but there is no way he can stick PARKER, NASH or IVERSON. He shouldn't be expected to. Jordan in his heyday couldn't stick with Isiah.

he can't guard Pierce or Ray Allen either. In fact, Ray Allen scorches the Lakers everytime he plays against them.

Ray Allen is extremely underrated.





"I'll say it again, the Glove is gonna show Parker who his daddy is!"

Daddy can't play.