ITS on Garcia vs JACARE!!!!

Marcello garcia is fighting ronoldo jacare.. this is gonna be a crazy fight that i am going to have to buy a copy of either way who wins..

Garcia is on a tear but Jaca has been just as hot without as much hype since he doenst finish with a trademark move like garcia's rear choke.

My pick..

JACARE.. he's got good judo and a wicked bottom game i think it will be exciting but jaca is the man right now.

I think Jacare will take this one as well!

His game with the gi is too damn good! However, Garcia was able to beat a much larger Cafe Dantas recently, so who knows?!?!?!?!?

I dont think Cafe is the same as jaca and would get dealt with if they fought.. the best guy recently in the middleweights are Jaca, Margarda, Saulo...... of the three i gotta say i like jaca's balance of skills hes good everywhere.. saulo the same and great strategy but fuckin margairda ripped everyone and thier mother when he was hot. and finished most. no one ever dominated bjj like he did for that year and a half...

MARGA is comin back

Where , when?

KashK, Amazonas Brazil, tomorrow!

Marga and Jaca in the gi would be awesome. The fight in the trials they had wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be.

Best Fighters put Amazonas against Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. This challenge will take place at April 24th, in Manaus, Amazonas.

On the left side are the Amazonians fighter:

Bibiano Fernandes (Gracie Barra) versus Roberto Matsumoto (De la Riva);

Willian Couto (Monteiro) versus Carlos Escorrega (Gracie Barra);

Rodrigo Pinheiro (Saulo Ribeiro) versus Délson Pé-de-chumbo (Gracie Barra);

Cristiano Ribeiro (Luiz Neto) versus Fernando Tererê (TT Jiu-Jitsu);

Ronaldo Jacaré (Master) versus Marcelo Garcia (Alliance);

Leopoldo Montenegro versus TBA;

Alexandre Ribeiro (Saulo Ribeiro) versus Márcio Pé-de-Pano (Gracie Barra);

It would be interesting to see a Gi/No-Gi event with the same matchups on alternate days :)


So guys i put my 70percent winner picking ratio on the line .. lets see some picks from you guys..

So guys i put my 70percent winner picking ratio on the line .. lets see some picks from you guys..








Gracie Barra
Gracie Barra
Gracie Barra
I don't know
Saulo Ribeiro

I'll go with Jacare too.

It's easy to make the rest of the picks. The outcome will be what Kashk posted (with the exception of the Leopoldo vs TBA; I don't know who's fighting).

Lets go Marcello!!!

but then again, Jacare is a monster on the mat!!!

Bibiano, Escorrega,Pe De Chumbo,Terere (unless Christiano slams his ass again!),Jacare, and Xandre Ribeiro are my picks!

good to see there are still some jiujitsu fans out there. thought i was last fan alive who really like jiu-jitsu not mma or sub wrestling.. while i do love them too.... nothing is better than wallid vs roleta in 96!!!!!!!!!:)

I'll give you a better match:

-Marga X Cachaorinho mundial 2000

-Leo Viera X Shaolin Pro League

Everybody knows that the best gi match between Leozinho and Shaolin occurred in the semi's of the 2000 mundial:)

KashK, I think your alone on that one! That match wasn't that exciting to watch at all! I am a fan and friend to both guys and have to say that they both put on a crappy fight that day! Much more exciting at the Pro Ams(which in all honesty was a draw), or Abu Dhabi!