ITS on Garcia vs JACARE!!!!

the pro ams was no-gi, but one of the best matches ever. I met Leo at pan-ams, funny story.

Garcia wins by half guard sweep!!!

Only if Alliance and Master settled there differences and joined again. They would be the next Super Duper Powers!

Viera vs Shoalin in Mundial 2000 was by far the most boring of all the matches those two have ever had. You must be confused.

i think you miss the point.. all maragrida's fight are more technically exciting than wallid vs roleta in 96 but that match was a WAR!!! with 20 seconds to go roleta pulls his soon to be trademark sweep out of nowhere are pus an end to wallid's then rather impressive winnning streak.. the staredown!!! the whole affairs was just SICK!!!!!

but yes marga vs alemieda was great.. i think his best fights were at the 2000 pan ams when he finished gordinho and a whole bunch of other guys..

leo vs shaolins bes figt was the first wehn leo was stram rolling him silly and instead of giving up shaolin sweeps for 2 points!!

anybody got links on the jaca vs garcia tape??

I agree with you about Wallid/Roleta, Roleta was setting up one sweep for 9minutes, and Wallid kept hiding his hand behind his back so that Roleta couldn't complete it.

Roleta is one of the all time great inovators of BJJ.

Roleta X Wallid was a historic match yes!

Just like Sperry X Royler! or Cumprido X Roleta!
or Saulo X Marga! or Ricardinho X Robinho! or Rowan X Brent!