I just got off the phone with the commisioner its approved. I have been working on getting MMA back in Illinois for some time. I gathered statts from different organizations about injuries some sent them to me some of you guys didn't(you suck)! I wrote a thick pamplet about the evolution of ultimate fighting and the rules that can be modified to remove brutality and enhance skill. I wrote about having legitimate fighters from schools that have track records no sandbagging fighters and putting in some guy from the audience.I went over every concievable problem that could arise and how we in Illinois would deal with it. My first booklet came back to me with several questions about different rules and regulations.I wrote another booklet on rules regs. policies and procedures and they where accepted. This is a great day for Illinois MMA I'm so glad I didn't give up and fought the good fight.This is our day the first legit MMA fight sanctioned by the state and the ISCF is October 23rd at Cicero Stadium. If you want to be in the first return to MMA fight in Illinois give me a
call1-708-222-8100. Thanks Master Bob

ttt for master Bob