Its on! K-1 Max -63kg Japan GP, june 25

Live on youtube, on the official k-1 youtube channel.

Opening fights:
Kojiman vs Hideto Fuji
Gentaro vs Takayoshi Kitayamai
Akihiro Kimura vs Yuji Tanaka
Shingo Yokoyama vs Yasuomi Soda

8 man Tournament:
Tetsuya Yamato vs HIROYA
Koya Urabe vs Yuki
Yuta Kubo vs Kizaemon Saiga
Ryuji Kajiwara vs Masaaki Noiri

Tournament reserve fights:
Yuto Watanabe vs Toshiki Taniyama
Shohei Asahara vs Koji Yoshimoto

Super fight:
Yoshihiro Sato vs Albert Kraus

sato vs. kraus should be good.

sad to see max disintegrating too.


sad to see max disintegrating too.

Regular Max should be up soon too. They said that they started with the new -63 class because the the date available cwas too close to the Krush event of the 70kg weightclass, and they are cooperating now.

I got Koya Urabe winning the tournament, but Noiri is the future of Japanese kickboxing. He only just turned 18 and is ridiculously talented. If you've never seen him fight before you're in for a treat.

PV (Not the best Ive ever seen)

i guess the little high school Koshien tournaments are paying off. They developed some nice talent.

i like the 70 kg division the best though. Good combination of speed and power.

No Thais?

Johnonguitar - Someone needs to save K1 <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Crotchrott - 
Prik Khee Noo - No Thais?

No the Japanese wouldnt have that, they need ONE Div to dominate.

Or if you are a little less biased/paranoid, you could see that this is the JAPAN GP, not the WORLD GP.

Prik Khee Noo - No Thais?

This is the Japan GP, not the Asia or world GP

Awesome. Great news!!!!

 very nicee

awesome , i love K1 with all my heart.

Love Kubo and K-1. It's amazing to see what these go through while in high school. Phone Post