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your chargers and my jets, primetime saturday night. should be a good game, the chargers are red hot and the jets are ice cold. chargers are the solid favorite in this game seems everyone has given up on the jets. i still like our chances in this game, everyone says sd is a different team since the jets played them earlier in the season but i dont buy it. the jets have the mental edge having already gone into san diego and coming away with the win. i would be very nervous if i was you with brees in his first playoff situation. john abraham is supposed to only play a minimal role which definitly hurts, he IS our pass rush. 23-17 jets is my prediction

Uno what.. it something about the Jets.. they always have our number for some reason.. but not this time.. not this time dude.. we are taking it down.. at the beggining of the season we did not have nowhere near the mentallity that we have now.. we were not quite aware of what we were capable of.. this time it's ours

Chargers 37

Jets 17

oh give me a fucking break, 37-17. your dream world is about to turn into a nightmare



I like the Bolts in this one too, but not nearly at a gap of 20 points. I expect it to be close.

rainy conditions folks.. departure t-20 minutes