it's only been 30 days, but i'm stoked!

I've gone two yrs without drinking in the past but was smoking weed daily to help me get by back then. I haven't smoked any weed, drank any booze, or smoked/chewed any tobacco in 30 days as of today and i'm pretty excited about it. I'd gone a couple years here and there without smoking tobacco but was still smoking weed during those stretches too. The lung improvement was huge but not putting anything negative in the lungs at all is a whole different animal. Go figure huh? Lol, been dealing with various lower body injuries that have kept me from getting back into a serious cardio routine but i can't wait to get that back in the mix. Anyways, life could be a lot better but it could also be a lot worse. Hope everybody has a good weekend! :)

Good on you, bro Phone Post 3.0

Thanks man! Was expecting/kinda hoping for more negativity from the many bitter Betsy's on the forum. But hey, i'll take what i can get. :)

Good work! I havent smoked cigs since jan 1, but still struggling with the booze. Cant get that monkey off my back Phone Post 3.0

Go Lakers!

Glad to hear it. VU. Phone Post 3.0

My cardio is way better while smoking weed than on the nat. Go figure Phone Post 3.0

The first 30 days is always the toughest. Phone Post 3.0

Good job OP. Keep up the good work. Try and stay busy, idle time can be dangerous. Phone Post 3.0

GenErick, 28 and 54 is a terrible record. But it's better than 27 and 55. ;) Lol, Go Kings!!

Shifter, good luck man! I'm an alcoholic so it's a lot more than just a matter of will power for me. I can't even count how many times over the years i'd drank when i had no desire to drink, or exceeded the number of drinks i was going to have, or the cutoff time i'd designated for myself. Or how fucking irritable i would get.when i'd drink responsibly and stop after 1. It's scary the thoughts that pass through my mind trying to trick myself into thinking that i can drink like "normal" people. Lol, just gotta change some habits and hangouts myself personally. And talking to people who share similar problems seems to help too in my exp. Thanks everybody!

Floppy Divac - Thanks man! Was expecting/kinda hoping for more negativity from the many bitter Betsy's on the forum. But hey, i'll take what i can get. :)
Lol@ bitter Betsy's

Are you still butthurt that no one took your side against the paramedics after your second DUI?

Come on with that shit bro... Good on you for getting your substance abuse in check, now you need to work on quitting the externalization of YOUR issues. Phone Post 3.0

No way man, i knew i was off base with that crap. Was just pissed off about the situation as a whole and like many a dumbass OGer before and after me was unwilling to fully admit that i was completely responsible for the way things played out. My only gripe on that mess right now is the hospital not modifying the bill to remove charges for the IV service i never got. That's just a principality issue i have about being charged for a service that i didn't receive. But the emt's were cool and i actually wasn't giving them grief when it happened. I called them corksuckers online but the chp were the only ones i gave a hard time to that night. I brought all that shit on myself. Only 17 and a half more months of dui classes to go! Lol

Cool, and good work! Remember tough times happen to everyone, but you can get through them without picking up.
Celebrate the little victories. Phone Post 3.0

Keep it up man! Phone Post 3.0

Congrats! Keep up the good work.

Awesome , keep it up! For real ! Phone Post 3.0

If you stop smoking, drinking, weed, and large amounts of caffein, you will keep feeling better and better for years. My gf quit smoking a year ago and her breathing problems slowly got better to the point where she hardly has any now. She isn't shaky anymore either. It's gradual but if you can make it to the year mark you'll notice huge improvements when you look back. Don't try to push yourself too hard though, take life easy so you aren't pressured and crack. Having someone to keep you in line daily helps. Phone Post 3.0