Two years in a row. Damn, I think you guys may have a coaching problem! I drove from my apartment back to the school at 11:30 at night to post this. I am glad the Canucks are out. They are a tough team and would have been tough in the playoffs. Now, thats out of the way, I hate that team and am glad they lost.


Two years in a row what?

YOU guys lost in the first round last season not us remember?

I hate Brian Burke.



Didn't you guys lose in the first round as well? I think Crawford has to go.


No we beat St Louis coming back from 3-1 to win the series in game 7.

Crawford is a great coach, 100+ point seasons and if we have Bert and a healthy Clouts who knows what happens.That's the way it goes though, Calgary definately earned it.

Crawford is overrated. He was blessed with an amazing team, loaded with talent here in Colorado and won the Cup, he has done dick since then and I will admit Vancouver is a very talented, physical team who is a good goaltender away from making a serious run and not just being a regular season juggernaut. Still though, with that team Crawford should at least have gotten you guys to the Conf. finals in some year he was there and there really was no excuse this year or last year. I would go hire Joel Quinville, he is one of the best coaches in the NHL and is unemployed. I honestly think if we don't win the Cup this year he could be our coach next year, IF THERE IS A NEXT YEAR.


It's funny that you're so happy.I actually wanted Colorado to win so we could beat them in the conference finals.

Path of least resistance my friend. I would rather play Calgary than you guys. That isn't a knock to my team, and I think it we would destroy you, but in the playoffs, since they are so tough, I would take the path of least resistance anyday of the week.