It's pee, Marciano, rugby, CrossFit, Jesus.

What other topics are almost guaranteed to start fights at the OG? The latest squirter and religious threads (some of which I started) are almost hilariously predictable.

BTW Marciano beat the best of his era but GOAT? No way.

politics, law enforcement, Conan

do you eat ass

Anything about Israel Phone Post 3.0

Is she a 10?

Talking about 49ers vs Seahawks.

Any thread is a guaranteed fight, including this one.

Soccer threads are like a bat signal to that TMLT homo.

Foreskin vs Cut


Rickson can win any weight even today. Fedor too.

Guns Phone Post

MountainMedic - Guns Phone Post

Yep what caliber is better

Mencken -

Foreskin vs Cut

Correct Phone Post 3.0

Is her butthole too brown?

Mark Phone Post 3.0

thanksobama.jpg Phone Post

giant, sloppy asses

Smoking pot always leads to smoking crack..

Twitches Phone Post

the size of a chick

thin fit chick = ew little boy.

fat kankles = thick goddess.

Wiping standing or sitting.

Sitting people are wrong. Phone Post 3.0