It's raining THEM!

Spice Girls legend Geri Halliwell has endorsed trans artist Mila Jam’s remake of the classic 80s hit It’s Raining Men.
The song has been transformed into a non-binary anthem, nearly 40 years after The Weather Girls first released the hit in 1982 and 20 years since Geri Halliwell’s own iconic version in 2001.
The modern-day makeover sees the disco anthem reimagined as It’s Raining Them, performed by Mila Jam and a cast of trans and non-binary dancers.
On her Instagram stories, Halliwell posted Mila Jam’s video and wrote: “This is about inclusion and freedom to be yourself, always.”
She added: “He, she, them – whatever your pronouns may be. Everyone is welcome. Great job, Mila Jam.”