It's So On

Ladies and Gentlemen, on Saturday September 17th 2005 the UG's foremost member and the Greatest Yesman in the industry will put it all on the line. Yes folks therealjoker will be making his MMA debut, and I for one am honored to know that I will be in attendance. My prediction? Therealjoker by (Insert any Thugjitsu technique here) in the 1st round. That is all. What say you?


what you got going on September 17th? Where is this happening?


Here Houston at Renegades extreme fighting.


TTT for some new voicemails.  :)  For our  Pre GP listening enjoyment.


Where's this 9-17 show?



Yves wish him luck for me!

ttt for TRJ and Thugjitsu.

Gary Hughes

Good luck in your fight.

Am I confused, or is he actually making his debut here: Hamster Fighting Championships?

TTT for Yves!

TRJ by fuck starting his opponents head

oh snap. fuck fedor vs. cro cop, this is epic!

I care so very little.

good luck joker

"neck like a stack of dimes." that's funny

TRJ takes it.


Good luck!!

Thaey can do mma in Texas now?

Thanks for the support/hate/overall neutralness :)

Adonis, I dont wanna make fun of you because it is common knowledge that you are patient 0 for the largest syphillis epidemic in Florida. But, I hope you get caught sucking cock so that everyone that sees you walking down the street says,"Hey, is it true that syphillis infested colon gnome got caught sucking cock?"

I look forward to this, my first MMA fight. I believe I train with the best people around and I have the best head coach a kid could ask for, so I see myself winning and winning handily :). I hope some of you UGers can make it out so I can put name with the faces that are throwing beer cups at me.

Good luck TRJ. Is it going to be at Verizon? I plan on being there.

What weight are you fighting at, TRJ? 105?