It's that time again for pics you don't see alot of


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Same meet up but with others.

Rick & I not shown.


Was that one where cindy-o gave a UG’er VIP tix + backstage access etc

I don’t think so at all.

Are you sure that it was Cindy’O and not Saucylv33?

I kinda remember Cindy o doing some UG raffle where the winner got alot of UFC acces for the event and I believe even got to meet BLAF

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There were several “Meet & Greets” with Dana in the past.

Dana only did it for the UG & nobody else.Not even Sherdoggers.


Just one example.


Also not pictured are me and some friends hotboxin a minivan a few spaces away in that lot lol

If that was the Lawler vs Brown UFC on Fox Card


I member that now good find


Right on.

Yeah,Crazy Bob Cook pulled up on his motorcycle & stopped by.

So,did Randy Harris from the Knockout Radio show (more on this below)

Herb Dean & BJM also stopped by & had a few words (after the show)

*We were talking about MMA and I mentioned to Randy Harris that Jens Pulver was one of my favorite fighters.So,what does Randy do? He gets on his cell phone and calls Jens & lets me talk to him.


I had pictures of all that shit,but unfortunately they are gone.

That’s awesome you got the connections like that. Miss the days of those old events (that was a later one still) where you could walk around and see everyone. Could fill a camera with 20-30 names. Now at events you are lucky to see a couple and people are less approachable it seems or got places to be.


You mentioned Jens I got to chat with him real quick back in July and took this cool pic of him and his old rival Urijah. Posted the pic once but it fits here I think


Let it be known that Randy Harris was a very generous individual.He had my girlfriend one year in the Secret Santa gift exchange & probably sent about $250 dollars worth of goodies.

He also had trivia on his show & I was able to win a t-shirt.

He got ran off the forum by a few members.He’s on my missing members list.

His screen name was @voice13



One time in Denver Colorado,I asked Jens for a picture at the Fighters Meeting & he thanked me for the picture.

He was very,very humble & would give you the shirt off of his back.

*IIRC) He did give someone the shirt off of his back.I just can’t recall the details.


This one was the best & also had the most people.It was in Sacramento.We were about 25 deep.

Massive & mean massive amounts of food & alcohol.You could BB-Q at Arco.


Tito Ortiz bottom right.


Crowbar, i had the ufc fitted hat with flames on it!!! It was horribly gay

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I also have a UFC hat that has flames on it,but I got it from Saucylv33 for being on the UFC Street Team.

I know that it’s black in color & the flames are orange & I think red?

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Thats right

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