It's that time of year again....Fantasy Basketball

As usual I've got the league set up so leave your email here and I will send you the invite. I'll probably cap it at 12 teams so get in quick as people are always getting left out. Who won it last year? Blue Dragon? I hope you come back to defend your crown.

p.s. If anyone wants to make this a money league speak up, although everyone will have to agree. I have no problem holding the money, we can all chip in $10 or whatever price we agree on.

I'm game as long as we don't draft until right before the season starts.

thanks for running it again, tommy. its a selfless act.

i would be for once a week lineup changes (sunday) instead of every day. just a thought.

draft won't be until late October. Anyone know what day the season starts?

dangerboy and bluedragon invites have been sent to your emails. Right now the draft is scheduled for Oct 20, the season starts the next week

actually guys ignore the first invite (the yahoo league), I deleted it and set up a league on ESPN instead and sent you both invites

 im interested

opening night is october 27

 you know I'm down.

emails sent, thats 5 people right now. Also, don't forget this is a live draft.

Around what time will the live draft be? I'm on the west coast and probably won't be able to do it if its before 6 pst on a weekday.

JCT, I took the west coasters into account and made the draft time for 9pm because its on a Tuesday and I can't make it any later for the east coasters who have to get up for work in the morning. Can you make it at 6pm your time?

 hmmm... didn't get an  email yet.


why didnt you set it up on Yahoo this year/

Yeah, that time works for me.

 6 is fine.

I didn't set it up on Yahoo because honestly I prefer fantasy sports on ESPN. I just think its an overall better service.

What regulars are we missing? axl, kanotoa, winston, brian davis....can you think of any more?

 hmmmm... Floppy missed the last couple years.   is thirdleg or MadDog in?

 I'd be down but I prefer yahoo leagues.

I am the Duke Blue Devils

make sure kano is in. i enjoyed bitch slapping him last year.